Jack of Trades, Master of Type

I do a lot of things for a living, most of them have to do with creativity. I’m a Creative Director with extensive experience in soup-to-nuts Visual Design and UI/UX. I’ve led design efforts for a number of companies and organizations – from large enterprise-level web apps to stand alone single purpose apps – as part of the commercial and government space. Pantone and her cousin Hexachrome are dear friends of mine, allowing me to create visually stunning, conceptually engaging work that I stand behind with pride.

For the past 2.5 years at Berico Technologies, I’ve overhauled the company’s internal and external visual presence to ensure a unified brand voice. Is that too fluffy a description? In short, I’ve designed the User Interfaces for most of Berico’s products and web solutions in addition to brochures, logos, marketing materials, and the new company website. My Web Applications and Data Visualization solutions have been recognized by high profile Government customers in the Intelligence Community and DoD; for example, I designed the Orion project, a DIA-funded program to building a next-gen analytics platform from diverse data repositories in the cloud. Among 400+ presenters, we were awarded “Best Showcase of Technology” at the recent 2012 DoDIIS Conference.

Prior to Berico Technologies, I served in several leadership roles at Pure Matters, Care One and Astra HR where I was responsible for leading numerous integrated marketing and design programs for over 5 million customers. It was my role to guide User Interface and User Experience design of their e-commerce and other mobile and digital solutions. Additionally, I am an independent design consultant to a diverse client base from Whole Foods, to PetSmart to YMCA, to local big and small tech companies in the DC area. Location is not a limiting factor for me, having designed for Mutual Fund companies in the Bay area, Universities in Italy, and Web Apps in Beijing.

Specialties: Soft Design – Enterprise Level Web Apps, Consumer Websites, Mobile Apps, Flash Animation (yeah if you’re still looking for that), Email marketing ( the whole exercise including result reporting), Application and UI and UX designing, limited video animation.

Ink Design – Logos, brochures, sales sheets, postcards, stationery, folders, presentation booths, advertisements, point of purchase display, packaging design, airline paraphernalia

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